Terms & Conditions
Standard Contract

This agreement dated ___________ between Positive Solutions Legal Consulting (hereinafter referred to as “PSLC”) and _______________________________, (hereinafter referred to as “Client”) hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. The Client agrees to provide any and all information such as names, addresses,
   social security numbers, and other relevant information that is necessary for the
   purpose of effectuating the necessary paperwork in his or her matter.
2. The Client agrees that any and all information supplied must be accurate and
   except matters upon INFORMATION and BELIEF.

3. PSLC hereby assures that any and all information supplied by the Client will be
   held confidential and secure unless directed by the Client otherwise, or is
   required to be disclosed as matter of law.

4. The Client hereby agrees to pay all legal fees upon signing this contract unless
   directed otherwise by PSLC.  The Client will not be entitled to a refund once
   PSLC has commenced the effectuation of paperwork in a matter.

5. All court fees are the exclusive responsibility of the Client, however, under
   certain circumstances the law may preclude payment of said fees.  Upon request
   of the Client PSLC will delve into a client's eligibility.

6. The Client reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time prior to
   midnight of the third business day of this transaction, however, the client shall
   forfeit half of fees paid for any service performed by PSLC prior to the date of
   cancellation.  Said cancellations should be in written form either correspondence
   or electronic e-mail.

7. The Client agrees that PSLC is a legal consulting firm that is dedicated solely to
   assisting laypersons of law with effectuating and filing legal paperwork before
   courts and administrative agencies.  Under certain circumstances where the 
   laws permit we will advocate in court or before an administrative agency on
   behalf of the Client.  All paperwork is to be signed and submitted by the Client
   as a Pro Se Litigant.

   parties agree that PSLC will perform services to the highest professional
   standard, however, PSLC will not guarantee nor warrant a successful outcome in
   any legal or business matter, especially matters of legal/administrative

9. EXCULPATORY CLAUSE:  The parties agree that PSLC is not an insurer nor
   guarantor, therefore, there is no coverage during the period of service to the
   Client.  Hence, PSLC will not guarantee a favorable outcome in a legal matter
   and shall not be held liable to the Client for any adverse determination.

10. FULL AGREEMENT/SEVERABILITY:  This agreement constitutes the full
     understanding of the parties and may not be amended or modified or canceled
     except in writing signed by both parties.  PSLC will comply with any and all
     local law requirements in this agreement and should any provisions of this
     agreement be deemed void, the remaining parts shall not be affected.


By: _____________________________________
    Edward J. Bilbrew, President

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