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You may be surprised to know just how many different types of services we offer, from help with getting an affordable divorce, to writing your resume or term paper, to creating wills. We provide a myriad of services to meet your individual needs, and we do it without an expensive price tag! We are committed to you and to providing you with the best legal services in the city!

We specialize in assisting laypersons with the legal research, effectuation and submission of Pro Se litigants legal work before the Unified Court Systems of the State of New York and administrative agencies. If you are shopping for Brooklyn legal services, look no further. With fees for services starting as low as $50 we can assure that you will receive the most competitive rates in town for all your legal needs.  All fees do not include the cost of filing fees within the courts or administrative agencies.
Services include:

Evictions (Residential)


Article 78 (Order To Show Cause)

Answering Creditors Summons

New York State Division of Human Rights Complaint Drafting
Power of Attorney 


Fair Hearing Representation (U.I.B.)

Foreclosure (H.A.M.P.)

​Court Services

Process Services
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