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Founded in 2004 Positive Solutions Legal Consulting is a Processed Court Paperwork - Brooklyn based company that is truly dedicated to providing professional legal services to laypersons of law at reasonable prices.  We specialize in providing affordable legal services to pro se litigants who otherwise cannot afford to retain the assistance of counsel with the legal research, drafting, and filing of legal motions, correspondences, etc. within the Unified Court Systems of the State of New York and before administrative agencies.  Being a small company based here in New York City our clients enjoy the satisfaction of developing a close, professional relationship and being remembered by staff, which is often not the case with larger firms that have so many clients that they often forget the little people.

Our services include, but are not limited to Affordable Divorces - Brooklyn (all counties), Landlord & Tenant Evictions, Wills, Administrative Law Appeals (Article 78), Answering Civil Summons & Complaints, New York State Division of Human Rights Complaints, Power of Attorney, Fair Hearing Representation, Court Services, Correspondence, and more.  

In addition, we cater to people with special needs such as working parents and the elderly by providing convenient evening office hours and working in the field filing paperwork for clients as well as meeting them at their respected places of business and their homes.  With flexible payment plans for legal services, why not make Positive Solutions Legal Consulting your first choice for affordable, quality legal services?  So contact us for all your legal and business needs.  We look most forward to serving you and yielding positive results.
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